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Parrot Uncle Reviews

Great Online Lighting Shopping Experience at ParrotUncle

Before I decided to move into my new house last month, I knew there was much to do with the undecorated house. I work in a factory, thus I do not have much time to walk around shops to search for what I need piece by piece, especially lights—my favorite. Then I chose to buy them online. After preparing well the other things needed in my house, I began to search for lights for my rooms. I searched lots of websites to find the perfect one with reasonable price, high quality and high decoration value. From Lamps to LampsPlus, from PotteryBarn to JohnLewis, I just found nothing suitable for my new house, which disappointed me very much.

Just at this moment, I found an online store selling lights called ParrotUncle, and then I came to try my luck. While I have never imagined I could find the lamp I needed, I did find it. Entering its home page, I was immediately attracted by its clear and detailed classification of lights. There were different types of lights in different classifications, such as ceiling lights, wall lightings, ceiling fans, LED lighting, outdoor lighting and so on. I wanted to buy several wall lights and ceiling lights. When I searched for them, I found that there are so many different types of lights of various styles there, such as Tiffany lamps, wood lamps and industrial pendant lights. Lights of different styles match different decoration styles. Tiffany style, with its colorful shade, suits modern style; while wooden lamps suit rustic style, and the industrial ones suit most styles. The lights I bought were all very beautiful and worked well. Every time I saw the lights I would feel happy.

Parrot Uncle Hot Sell Items - Industrial Lighting

Parrot Uncle Hot Sell Items – Industrial Lighting

Though I need to decorate my house, I do not want to spend much money on it. Maybe it is one of the reasons why I find it difficult to get the proper lights. The prices of lights on ParrotUncle are quite reasonable and affordable. It almost has sales every week, which can save you much money. Besides, it has coupons when you shop there, which can help to save money. Compared with the lamps of the same style on other websites, the prices are quite reasonable. Given its products of high quality, I bought here without much hesitation.

As I was so eager to receive my new lamps, I called the customer service to inquire when I could get the lights. Then I was given the answer that they would make delivery quickly as possible, about two weeks. Though I felt the time was a little longer, yet the beautiful lights were worth my waiting. Then the lights arrived as promised without any part broken. Besides, they also told me other things about the light, such as how to fix and how to maintain them. That’s excellent! As ParrotUncle has policies of free shipping and free returns, you can shop without much worry.

The shopping ended, but my memory and thanks to them remain. It is really a great shopping experience in all, as it not only saved me much time but also much money. Everything would be easier and smoother if I had found the website earlier. ParrotUncle provides all types of beautiful lights you need with reasonable price and high quality. All in all, it is a trustworthy store, and worth your try. If necessary, I will shop there again.

Web Features Help ParrotUncle Catch up with Leading Players

Being a relatively new entrant to the e-commerce lighting industry, ParrotUncle is growing rapidly and manages to gain a footing in the intense market. Its web design is a big contributor to its achievement.

1. Premier home page design

Less is more. ParrotUncle follows the golden rule. The first things catching your attention are pictures sporting nice lamps and discounts. Moving downward, you can see pictures displaying other kinds of lamps. All the pictures are briefly titled and no redundant details are offered. Such a design reduces visitors’ lingering time on the home page and pushed them to directly look for the products they want to buy.

2. Lower prices

300x600The lower-price tactic is the biggest draw of ParrotUncle. To compete with well-established leading players, a premier web design is far from enough, for it can be easily replicated. ParrotUncle’s products hail from China, which, despite the ever-increasing predominance in world economy, still has a striking edge over developed countries in terms of production cost. As a result, ParrotUncle is able to provide lighting fixtures at much lower prices than counterparts in, for instance, the US. And the website has gone to great lengths to emphasize this point. The homepage exhibits pictures saying big discounts, free gifts and free shipping and return terms above the fold. Undeniably, price is still the most dominant factor in online shopping, so the competitive price is ParrotUncle’s key successful factor. If it continues to own the advantage, chances are huge that it will acquire bigger market presence.

3. Easy navigation

For most people, getting lost in whatever place is among the worst experience. This applies to online shopping as well. Easy navigation resembles a well-drawn roadmap, pointing accurately to the place visitors want to go. Like most shopping websites, ParrotUncle places a product category list at the top of home page. Moving to a category, say, LAMPS, sub-categories like table lamps prop up. Customers will quickly find the product if they know what category the product belongs to. Besides, a search bar is of great help and presents a shortcut to find a specific product.

4. Rich products selection

Low price is attractive but will be of no avail if there are not proper products. ParrotUncle possesses a vast variety of products. For example, clicking open the category of LAMPS, you will see sub-categories at the top. On the left are sorting options such as color, finish, height and price. All these elements make selecting a product handy and convenient.

5. Professional description

Professional description is another feature of ParrotUncle. Each specific product has matching pictures to showcase the appearance. To add extra information, it has a parameter list and specialized describing giving information such as shape, lighting effect and suitable rooms. By doing so, ParrotUncle strive to make sure that consumers have bought the most appropriate products.


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